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There are 4 Versions of the HRA HRIS HR Software:



Three of the four HRA HRIS versions have all the same features. HRA-PA (Personal Assistant) is the "Lite" version of HRA, and is a scaled-down version with a reduced set of features designed for smaller companies.


With the perfect balance of functionality, complexity and reporting power, the HRA HR Software can be a huge boost to the HR Department as well as the whole organization. The HRA Human Resource Software is a straightforward, easy to understand, yet powerful HRIS that provides an elegant, efficient and effective solution that can be used by all sizes and types of business to achieve their missions.


HRA HRIS was designed in conjunction with HR Professionals right from the start. Its root function is to reduce or eliminate many administrative and tedious tasks. HRA bridges the difference between personnel management and human resource management. Our clients  focus on the more productive and important areas of their jobs. HRA gives back time. HRA also gives the insight and the tools to make the decisions in an organization that will impact the company, the employees and the bottom line.


At HRA we take great pride in our work. We are an organization that works closely with our clients. We thrive on those who use HRA to its fullest and who strongly engage it, whether they are using the HRA HRIS or the HRA Open4Hire Applicant Tracking Software.



HRA Employee Solutions is all about Human Resource Management and has been a part of the changing role of Human Resource for over 20 years.


The HRA HRIS is continually changing and evolving as well.


The Director of Sales talks about why people buy the HRA HRIS


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